Performance enhancement of a Darrieus hydrokinetic turbine with the blocking of a specific flow region for optimum use of hydropower

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Performance enhancement of Darrieus hydrokinetic turbine is carried out using novel concept of blocking plate.

Optimum blocking region is experimentally evaluated to get improved coefficient of power.

A novel empirical correlation for enhanced Cp is suggested in terms of Reynolds No, Froude No, width and location ratios.

Data is presented as coefficient of power and tip speed ratio.

Graphs and diagrams are demonstrated using scaled figures to present straightforward geometric details.


Darrieus turbine is used as a hydrokinetic turbine to extract energy from flowing fluid in river, canal or drainage systems. In the present investigation, the performance of a Darrieus turbine is enhanced using a blocking plate optimally located at the upstream side of the retarding vane. An experimental investigation is carried out to obtain a specific width and the location of the blocking plate which would enhance the coefficient of power of the turbine. Three blocking plates (75 mm width, 100 mm width and 170 mm width) are investigated for five different locations. The coefficient of power of a turbine without blocking plate is enhanced from 0.125 to 0.36 by using an optimized blocking plate width and location. An empirical correlation for coefficient of power is suggested in terms of Reynolds number, Froude number, width ratio and location ratio.


Darrieus turbine

Hydrokinetic turbine

Run of river turbine

Blocking plate

Non dimensional analysis

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