Modified Savonius wind turbine for harvesting wind energy from trains moving in tunnels

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An improved design of Savonius VAWT is more efficient than the traditional rotor design without the split.

Optimum rotor configuration and location of the wind rotor have been found.

The drag on the train due to the presence of turbine found negligible.

This can be a viable option towards green energy production without posing much safety, efficiency and cost concern.


This study is focused on harvesting wind energy from gust produced by trains, that are moving inside tunnels by placing Savonius rotors alongside the trains. Numerical simulation shows that the conventional S shaped Savonius rotor fails to harvest energy under such conditions and hence a new design is proposed to generate useful power without compromising the efficiency of the moving trains. The new turbine design is evaluated to optimize its parameters such as diameter and location with respect to train, considering SMRT’s (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit) circle line in Singapore. This unconventional energy production can be a viable energy solution to provide power to electronic components and tunnel lighting.


Wind energy harvesting

Unconventional renewable source

Design improvement

Savonius turbine


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