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Wind turbines are developed to generate electrical energy with much efficiency and reliability.

An adaptive output feedback integral sliding mode controller is developed for pitch angle control.

Less rotor speed, generator speed and generated power fluctuations have been achieved using AOFSMC.

The AOFSMC shows less fatigue on the components such as gearbox, generator and etc.

The AOFSMC keeps the rotor speed and generated power quality in the post-fault phase.


Wind turbines are developed to generate electrical energy with more efficiency and reliability. Modern fault detection, diagnosis, and accommodation structures are crucial to realize required level of reliability and efficiency for wind turbines. In this paper, a novel active fault tolerant controller is addressed to control rotor speed and power of a wind turbine in the presence of actuator faults and uncertainties. The proposed controller is a sliding mode controller with an integral surface and an adaptive gain which is known as adaptive output feedback sliding mode controller. An output feedback and a full-order compensator are utilized to shape the integral sliding surface and control law. The full-order compensator is proposed for fault and disturbance attenuation. The control law parameters adjustment and closed-loop system stability are satisfied using linear matrix inequality technique and Lyapunov stability theorem, respectively. Efficiency of the suggested controller is tested on a 5-MW wind turbine benchmark model in an extreme wind speed profile. In this regard, performance of the proposed strategy is compared with proportional-integral-derivative and disturbance accommodation control techniques. Simulation results show desirable performance and robustness behaviour for the adaptive output feedback integral sliding mode controller under the healthy and faulty actuator.


Wind turbine

Active fault tolerant control

Adaptive output feedback sliding mode controller

Integral sliding surface

Full-order compensator

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