Simultaneous saccharification and juice co-fermentation for high-titer ethanol production using sweet sorghum stalk

Publication date: Available online 7 November 2018

Source: Renewable Energy

Author(s): Changwei Zhang, Hao Wen, Changjing Chen, Di Cai, Chaohui Fu, Ping Li, Peiyong Qin, Tianwei Tan


The acid pretreated sweet sorghum bagasse was mixed with the fermentable juice for ethanol production by simultaneous saccharification and juice co-fermentation (SSJcF). The effect of sulfuric acid concentration on ethanol production was evaluated. Two-phase of fermentation was occurred distinctly during the process. Under the optimized conditions (2% of sulfuric acid and 20 FPU/g of cellulase added at 0 h), 120.41 ± 0.4 g/L of ethanol was achieved after 216 h of inoculation, with ethanol yield of 67.75 g/kg of the fresh sweet sorghum stalk (FSSS) that contained water and was rich in monosaccharide and cellulosic biomass. This study provided a potential way for high titer ethanol production by SSJcF using FFFS, which is benefited to the downstream ethanol separation processes.

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