Energy storage based on SrCO<sub>3</sub> and Sorbents—A probabilistic analysis towards realizing solar thermochemical power plants

Publication date: April 2019

Source: Renewable Energy, Volume 133

Author(s): Laureen Meroueh, Karthik Yenduru, Arindam Dasgupta, Duo Jiang, Nick AuYeung


As greenhouse gases threaten our environment, it has become increasingly necessary to replace consumption of fossil fuels with renewable energy. Without energy storage, solar cannot provide power at night during times of peak demand, resulting in a gap between supply capabilities and demand. Solar thermochemical energy storage (TCES) has potential to resolve this critical temporal issue. An 800MWhth TCES subsystem has been designed to cost-effectively convert solar energy to electricity. An evaluation of each required component is provided, including the reactor chemistry. Strontium carbonate decomposition is used to densely store high temperature thermal energy via chemical reaction, while two different CO2 storage methods are considered. To determine the practical feasibility of these schemes, a probabilistic analysis has been performed to explore exergy and energy efficiency, and cost. It has been found that a scheme storing CO2 via sorbents is capable of ∼71% energy and ∼87% exergy efficiency, and an installed cost of ∼48 USD kWhth−1.

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