Variable speed wind turbine control scheme using a robust wind torque estimation

Publication date: April 2019

Source: Renewable Energy, Volume 133

Author(s): Oscar Barambones, Jose A. Cortajarena, Isidro Calvo, Jose M. Gonzalez de Durana, Patxi Alkorta, A. Karami-Mollaee


This work proposes a robust controller for a variable speed wind turbine system with a doubly feed induction generator. The controller aims at tracking the optimal speed of the wind turbine so that extracts the maximum power from the wind. Also, a robust aerodynamic torque observer is proposed in order to avoid the use of wind speed sensors. This torque observer allows to estimate the aerodynamic torque to be used by the controller in order to calculate the value of the optimal reference speed for the wind turbine. The vector control theory is applied in the present approach, and thereby the stator flux-oriented control is used for controlling the speed of the wind turbine generator. The proposed robust control law is based on sliding mode control theory, which has proved to provide good performance under system uncertainties.

The stability of the proposed controller under disturbances and parameter uncertainties has been analyzed using the Lyapunov stability theory. Finally, real time experimental results show that, on the one hand, the proposed controller provides high-performance dynamic characteristics, and on the other hand, this scheme is robust with respect to the uncertainties that usually appear in this kind of systems.

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