Modelling and optimization of wet microalgae Scenedesmus quadricauda lipid extraction using microwave pre-treatment method and response surface methodology

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Microwave pre-treatment enhanced the lipid recovery from Scenesdemus quadricauda.

Variation on reaction time between 3 and 4 h has no significant effect on lipid recovery.

Optimum recovered lipid yield of 49% was achieved from a microwave-pretreated alga at 600 W for 8 min.


The process of extracting lipids from high-moisture Scenedesmus quadricauda microalgae biomass disrupted with microwave was examined. The study showed that microwave pre-treatment is effective in algae cell rupture while microwave power was found to be a significant factor to enhance the degree of cell disruption. Though microwave pre-treatment time had some effect, the degree of cell rupture seemed to decrease after a certain pre-treatment time. The total lipid from Scenedesmus quadricauda sp. were extracted using a mixture methanol and sulphuric acid as an organic solvent. In addition, it was discovered that microwave pre-treatment enhances the disruption of microalgae cells to attain a high level of lipid yields. Optimal lipid yield obtained in this study was 49% at power 600 W, heating time of 8 min and extraction time of 3.5 h.



Lipid extraction

Microwave pre-treatment




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