Improving the properties of producer gas using high temperature gasification of rice husk in a pilot scale fluidized bed gasifier (FBG)

Publication date: January 2019

Source: Renewable Energy, Volume 130

Author(s): Jignesh P. Makwana, Jay Pandey, Gaurav Mishra


Biomass gasification is a well-studied thermo-chemical conversion route for the generating producer gas, a renewable energy carrier, for thermal and power applications as well as for bio-fuel production. High energy efficiency and clean gaseous fuel with low tar and suspended particulate matters (SPM) contents are some of the major challenges with biomass gasification. Herein, we report non-catalytic high temperature (720–855 °C) gasification of rice husk using fluidized bed gasifier (FBG). Producer gas mainly comprising of CO and H2 exhibited good higher heating value (HHV) and lower heating value (LHV) of 3.6 and 3.2 MJ/Nm3 respectively. Our experimental observations revealed that 790 °C is the optimum temperature for rice husk gasification with high carbon conversion efficiency (91.6%), thermal efficiency (75%) and high gas yield 2.7 m3/kg. High temperature gasification also resulted into reduced tar + SPM content (0.33 g/Nm3). Rice husk derived producer gas with good heating value and low tar + SPM content can be used as replacement of conventional fossil fuels for thermal applications in many processing industries.

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