New method for computing single diode model parameters of photovoltaic modules

Publication date: December 2018Source:Renewable Energy, Volume 128, Part A
Author(s): Ali Şentürk
The objective of this paper is to calculate the single diode model parameters (A, Rs, Rsh, IL, and I0) of photovoltaic modules in most straightforward way no using iterative techniques and an additional information of pre-measured/digitized current-voltage curves. For that purpose, a new method based on solely datasheet information is introduced. The novelty of this method is to use a dark saturation current as an initial parameter as calculating the single diode model parameters. The effectiveness of proposed was validated using current-voltage curves of five commercially available photovoltaic modules at standard test conditions. The current-voltage curves were simulated using the proposed method and compared with datasheet supplied current-voltage curves by means of a root means square error tool. It has been founded that the new method, which proposes a very simple calculation procedure to obtain the single diode model parameters, meets international standards as simulating current-voltage curves of photovoltaic modules.

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