Optimal bidding strategy of wind power producers in pay-as-bid power markets

Publication date: November 2018Source:Renewable Energy, Volume 127
Author(s): Karim Afshar, Farshad Shamsini Ghiasvand, Nooshin Bigdeli
This paper presents a method to determine the optimal bidding strategy of the wind power producers with market power for a strategic presence in the day-ahead market with pay as bid method. Since the wind power producer is not capable of exact prediction of his power production, he has to trade the difference between the amount won in the day-ahead market and the actual production value in the balancing market. Uncertainties related to power generation is modeled by likely scenarios. However in order to model the punitive effect of trade in balancing market, the balancing market price is considered as a factor of the day-ahead market’s clearing price. In the proposed model, optimal bidding strategy is formulated via a bi-level problem including the upper-level and lower-level sub-problems. The purpose of the upper-level sub-problem is to maximize the wind power producer’s earning while the purpose of the lower-level sub-problem is to clear the day-ahead market. To solve both upper-level and lower-level problems, particle swarm optimization algorithm is applied. The results of three-bus test system and IEEE 24-bus RTS shows the efficiency of the proposed method.

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