Optimal analytic dispatch for tidal energy generation


An optimal analytic dispatch centralized in the tidal extremes.

The maximal theoretical power estimation by a closed-form expression.

Double-effect cycle power estimation independent on the reservoir geometry.

Suitable methodologies for long term power planning.


This paper proposes an analytic dispatch for tidal power plants that centralizes the discharge period in the tides extremes. Since the tide cycles are well predicted by a sinusoidal function, this method provides an accurate power generation as shown in the comparative tests. Furthermore, an optimal generation estimation method is derived considering that all stored water is discharged during the tides extremes, i.e., discharging at maximal water head. This method calculates a more realistic maximal power generation, which is especially simple in double-effect operation mode (power production in ebb and flood tides), since the reservoir geometry is not explicitly considered. The proposed methods are compared with a classical analytic solution and an optimal dispatch formulation.


  • Tidal power plant;
  • Dispatch;
  • Energy planning;
  • Tidal barrage;
  • Ocean energy

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