The effect of distribution network on the annual energy yield and economic performance of residential PV systems under high penetration


Development of a post curtailment energy yield estimation algorithm.

Analysis of the effect of the grid on energy yield under increasing PV penetration.

Consideration of a case study using a UK generic urban distribution network.

Evaluation of the impact of PV output profile resolution on energy yield estimates.

At high penetration levels some prosumers’ investments were more at risk than others.


Technological advances, environmental awareness and, in several countries (including the UK), financial incentives lead to the adoption of PV (photovoltaic) systems. Economic viability, an important consideration for investment in residential PV, is dependent on the annual energy yield which is affected by distribution network based factors such as point of connection to network, network hosting capacity, load profiles etc. in addition to the climate of the location. A computational algorithm easy on resources is developed in this work to evaluate the effects of distribution network on the annual energy yield of residential PV systems under scenarios of increasing PV penetration. A case study was conducted for residential PV systems in Newcastle upon Tyne with a generic UK distribution network model. Results identified penetration levels at which PV generation curtailment would occur as a consequence of network voltage rise beyond grid limits and the variation in the percentage of annual energy yield curtailed among the systems connected to the network. The volatility of economic performance of the systems depending on its location within the network is also analysed. The study also looked at the impact of the resolution of PV generation profiles on energy yield estimates and consequently economic performance.


  • PV systems;
  • Curtailment;
  • Generation profile;
  • Energy yield;
  • Grid-connected;
  • Load profile

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