A novel 2-stage dish concentrator with improved optical performance for concentrating solar power plants


A novel 2-stage 4-mirror dish concentrator is proposed.

Overlapping method is used for mirror optimization.

High concentration ratio and intercept factor was achieved with the new design.

The new concentrator has a compact mirror design and reduces receiver size.


Here we propose a novel 2-stage dish concentrator system for concentrating solar power plants based on the so-called overlap method, which improves both the radial flux concentration ratio (β) and the intercept factor (γ) of the concentrator. The 2-stage dish is composed of paraboloid primary and hyperboloid secondary mirrors having a special hollow structure enabling the mirrors to overlap, but avoiding excess shading. Geometric and optical analyses with ray-tracing show maximum values of β = 15,498 and γ = 0.78. Also, the size of the focal spot could be reduced. The concept is applicable for solar tower concepts enabling more compact unit mirrors and reducing the receiver size.

Graphical abstract


  • CSP;
  • Solar dish;
  • Solar tower;
  • Overlap method;
  • Ray-tracing

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