Call of EU battery manufacturers to develop a 'Battery Strategy for Europe'

The Association claims that batteries are at the very heart of the shift towards a decarbonized society, enabling energy storage of renewables, energy efficiency and hybridization and electrification of transports. Such a strategy, says EUROBAT, would lead to more coherence between the several EU policies in the field of energy, transport and environment. 

For Europe as a whole, it is important to enable the future of its entire battery sector and ensure coherence between EU, regional and national policy initiatives, states EUROBAT. In particular, keeping and expanding the manufacturing base of all battery technologies in Europe will be of great importance for the industrial development of the European Union. 

A variety of battery technologies exists today and they each answer to different demands in terms of performance, capabilities and applications they are central to solving the issues faced by the challenges of climate change and energy dependence, says the Association.

With this initiative, EUROBAT asks European policy makers to cooperate with all stakeholders, including manufacturers, suppliers, value chain partners, users and civil society, to develop a ‘2030 Battery Strategy for Europe’ that can provide assurance for the long-term investment planning by battery manufacturers and the supply chain in Europe. According to EUROBAT, such overall strategic EU policy framework could provide business certainty for European battery manufacturers, create new opportunities for all battery technologies and deliver jobs, growth and innovation in Europe.

The full call to action can be read here.

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