An experimental study on the performance and emission characteristics of PCCI-DI engine fuelled with diethyl ether-biodiesel-diesel blends


Performance of PCCI-DI engine with DEE, CSO biodiesel and diesel blends was studied.

NOx, smoke and HC emissions are lower for 65% Diesel-20% Biodiesel-15% Diethyl ether blend.

Increase of Brake thermal efficiency of 13% was observed for the blend in PCCI-DI mode.


The possible depletion of fossil fuels has created the need for alternate fuels worldwide and engine developers are prompted to investigate the viability of such fuels. Further, stringent emission norms have created the need for low emission engines. The objective of this work is to evaluate the effect of diethyl ether in biodiesel-diesel blends on the performance and emission characteristics in a Premixed Charge Compression Ignition-Direct Injection (PCCI-DI) engine. Biodiesel obtained from cotton seed oil is used for this study. PCCI-DI engine is operated with main injection and pilot injections with varying percentages of DEE along with 20% biodiesel blended with neat diesel. The emission characteristics show a discernible reduction in emissions (NOx, CO and HC) vis-a-vis biodiesel-diesel blends. Benefits like reduction in the quantum of smoke produced and improvement in Brake thermal efficiency are also noticed in specific cases.


  • Emission;
  • Cottonseed biodiesel;
  • Diethyl ether;
  • Premixed charge;
  • Oxygenated additive

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