Wind farm layout using biogeography based optimization


Wind Farm Layout Optimization Problem (WFLOP) is solved using Biogeography-Based Optimization (BBO) method.

For a given wind farm and given number of wind turbines, optimal locations of wind turbines are determined.

For a given wind farm, maximum number of wind turbines and their optimal locations are determined.

The experiments are performed with 500(m), 750(m) and 1000(m) farm radii and with two different wind data sets.

Results are compared and analyzed with earlier published results.


Wind energy is one of the most promising option for the renewable energy. Finding optimum set of locations for wind turbines in a wind farm so that the total energy output of the farm is maximum, is usually referred as the wind farm layout optimization problem (WFLOP). This article presents the solution of WFLOP using a recent unconventional optimization algorithm, Biogeography Based Optimization (BBO). In this article, for a given wind farm not only the optimum locations of the wind turbines are obtained but also the maximum number of turbines is recommended. Experiments have been carried out for wind farms of various sizes. BBO has shown to outperform as compare to earlier methodologies of solving WFLOP.


  • Wind energy;
  • Renewable energy;
  • Wind farm;
  • Wind turbines;
  • Biogeography-based optimization

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