Biomass energy potential and utilization in Turkey



The most used renewable energy in the world.

The major energy in Turkey.

Can be used to meet a variety of energy needs.


Biomass is the most widely used renewable energy source in the world today. It is used mostly in solid form and, to a lesser extent, in the form of liquid fuels and gas. The utilization of biomass for energy production has increased at only a modest rate in modern times. Biomass is the major source of energy in rural Turkey. Biomass is used to meet a variety of energy needs, including generating electricity, heating homes, fueling vehicles and providing process heat for industrial facilities. Biomass potential includes wood, animal and plant wastes. Among the biomass energy sources, fuel wood seems to be the most interesting because its share of the total energy production of Turkey is high at 14%. The total biomass energy potential of Turkey is about 33 million tons of oil equivalents (Mtoe). The amount of usable biomass potential of Turkey is approximately 17 Mtoe. The electrical production potential from usable bioenergy sources are 73 MW in 2010 and corporate income and represent more than 280,000 jobs. This study shows that there is important biomass energy potential for climate change mitigation and energy sustainability in Turkey.


  • Biomass;
  • Bioenergy;
  • Energy forestry;
  • Energy sustainability;
  • Turkey

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