Developing and evaluating strategies to overcome biomass supply risks


Strategies to overcome biomass supply problems are developed.

Strategies are formulated by a SWOT-strategy development process.

Supply chain stakeholders evaluate strategies by an Analytic Hierarchy Process.

Revealed robust strategies assist bioenergy stakeholder in making strategic decisions.

Proposed strategies facilitate bioenergy producers in improving wood supply security.


The aim of this paper is to develop and evaluate innovative strategies to overcome biomass supply problems and increase the competitiveness of wood-based energy production. Potential impacts of the socio-economic, political and ecological environment on future supply and demand are investigated by means of portfolio and risk analyses. Based on a SWOT-strategy development process, preventative and coping strategies are formulated. A holistic evaluation of strategies developed by 36 Austrian stakeholders encompassing the entire biomass supply chain was conducted. Competing industries (i.e. bioenergy, pulp and panel industry) were included by applying a standardised group decision process (Analytic Hierarchy Process), indicating the most promising and robust strategies. The portfolio of the highest ranked strategies assists relevant bioenergy stakeholders (e.g., investors, feedstock procurement managers and government agencies) in making strategic decisions regarding investment, biomass supply and policy choices.


  • Strategy;
  • SWOT;
  • Biomass;
  • Bioenergy;
  • Supply risk

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