Tactical and operational management of wind energy systems with storage using a probabilistic forecast of the energy resource


A stochastic optimization model of energy systems with storage is proposed.

The optimization model integrates a probabilistic wind speed forecast.

Tactical and operational decisions are simultaneously considered.

The advantage over individual tactical and operational optimization is demonstrated.

The value of using a probabilistic wind speed forecast is assessed.


The storage of energy facilitates the management of renewable energy systems by reducing the mismatch between the supplied energy and the forecasted production due to forecasting errors. The storage increases the reliability of the renewable energy system and enables participation in the electricity market by committing to the sale of electricity for the following day. Nevertheless, the inclusion of the energy storage capacity requires the development of new management policies. In this paper, we propose a management strategy for a renewable energy system with storage capacity that integrates tactical and operational decisions in a single mathematical model that makes use of an updated probabilistic wind speed forecast. Management policies are obtained by solving a sequence of rolling-horizon stochastic optimization problems whose formulation is inspired by the Stochastic Approximation Average technique. The management policies are illustrated by their application to wind-farms using hydrogen as the energy storage medium.


  • Renewable energy;
  • Energy storage;
  • Management policy;
  • Stochastic optimization;
  • Tactical and operational policies

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