Capture every MWh – Wind O&M Dallas program launched for 2017

Taking place April 10-12, 2017, and featuring an ambitious agenda, the event marks a major turning point in the wind energy industry by helping executives achieve genuine wind park ROI and learn to maximize value from every single turbine collectively. 

The programme will feature case studies, workshops, seminars, keynote panels and networking, ensuring attendees will leave with the critical tools, insights and connections they need to protect the integrity and transform the productivity of their portfolio well into the future.

While a good O&M strategy for wind energy will make or break the business case for a single turbine park, an innovative yet considered and well executed Asset Management approach will unlock expansive long-term economic opportunities for entire wind portfolios.The event will feature a brand new ‘Asset & Risk Management Track’ to go alongside the ‘Rethink Reliability – The Core O&M Topics Track’ to engage attendees on how asset value can be protected, nurtured and grown by asset managers chasing risk, revenue and reward as well as field technicians and engineering specialists.

This annual gathering, which has enjoyed a 30% growth in attendee quality year-on-year since 2012, seeks to provide the platform true leaders need to establish thought leadership, dominate market thinking and harness the collective strength of this truly exciting global market. 

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