Variogram time-series analysis of wind speed


Variogram function is employed to measure the change rate of the wind speed.

Autocorrelation analysis shows that there exists daily periodicity in the wind speed variogram time-series.

The wind speed variogram time-series exist a memory property.

Cross-correlation analysis reveals that there is a relationship between wind speed variogram and wind speed.


Fluctuations of wind-power production are a significant hindrance to its high penetration in power systems. System operators have to provide complementary power and relevant control strategies to smooth out the fluctuations when large-scale wind power ones is injected into the grid. To better smooth the fluctuations, the change rate of the wind speed is a critical piece of information. In this study, the variogram function is introduced to measure the change rate of the wind speed. Based on the variogram time-series, some statistical analyses are conducted. These results contribute to a better understanding of the characteristics of the change rate of the wind speed, such as the chronological variation pattern of the change rate on a day, whether the future change rate can be forecasted, and whether there is a relationship between the change rate and wind speed.


  • Change rate;
  • Wind speed;
  • Variogram function;
  • Statistical properties;
  • Autocorrelation;
  • Cross-correlation

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