Beamreach Solar introduces new lightweight PV panel

Sprint’s light weight allows it to be installed on nearly all commercial roofs that cannot currently support heavy conventional solar panels, which account for millions of commercial roofs around the world, says the company, dramatically expanding the commercial solar power market. 

In addition to offering a lighter weight panel, Beamreach Solar’s Sprint also has potential to provide customers with a better return on investment and a lower cost of electricity, with the company’s following promises: 

  • More Power: Featuring maximum power capacities ranging from 290 watts to 320 watts, Sprint can generate up to 20 percent more power than conventional solar panels. 
  • An Ultra-Fast Install Process: Sprint uses a design that integrates racking into the panel, enabling an ultra-fast install process that requires no tools and no grounding. This allows Sprint panels to be installed up to five times faster than some conventional panels and racking systems, significantly reducing installation time and labor costs. 
  • More Panels on the Roof: Sprint’s innovative design also reduces the distance required between panel rows, enabling up to 30 percent more panels to be installed on a roof, increasing the solar system’s overall energy output. 
  • Easy Removal and Reinstallation: Sprint panels can be easily removed and reinstalled, providing commercial roof owners with additional flexibility regarding their solar power investments. 
  • Lower Shipping Costs: Sprint decreases panel shipping costs thanks to its relatively high shipping density compared to conventional photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. 

“Sprint opens up new opportunities by overcoming weight restrictions, low power capacity, high labor costs and other obstacles that have prevented the global commercial rooftop solar market from realizing its full potential,” said Mark Kerstens, CEO of Beamreach Solar. “Sprint expands the commercial solar market for installers, developers and roofers by allowing them to sell solar to commercial customers whose roofs previously could not support conventional solar panels and by helping them make solar more economically attractive to customers who previously were not interested in solar power.” 

Sprint panels have been tested to support test loads up to 5,400 Pascals (Pa) and withstand wind speeds of 115 MPH. The technology also comes with a 25-year linear output warranty and 10 year product warranty. 

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