Load sharing behavior analysis method of wind turbine gearbox in consideration of multiple-errors

Publication date: November 2016Source:Renewable Energy, Volume 97
Author(s): Shuai Mo, Yidu Zhang, Qiong Wu, Shigeki Matsumura, Haruo Houjoh
Conducting a further analysis on loading sharing among compound planetary gear system in wind turbine gearbox, and making a meshing error analysis on the eccentricity error, gear thickness error, base pitch error, assembly error, and bearing error of wind turbine gearbox respectively. In view of the floating meshing error resulting from meshing clearance variation caused by the simultaneous floating of all gears, this paper establishes a refined mathematical model of two-stage power split loading sharing coefficient calculation in consideration of multiple errors. Also obtains the regular curves of the load sharing coefficient and floating orbits of center gears, and conducts a load sharing coefficient test experiment of compound planetary gear system to verify the research results, which can provide scientific theory evidence for proper tolerance distribution and control in design and process.

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