Modeling studies for production potential of Chingshui geothermal reservoir


A numerical modeling approach was developed for characterization and evaluation of the Chingshui geothermal reservoir.

The total fluid storage, water recharge rate, and sustainable production capacity of the site were determined.

The reason for abnormal drop of the reservoir production capacity was investigated through site-scale model.

Different reinjection schemes were evaluated through numerical simulations.


The Chingshui geothermal power plant was decommissioned in 1993 due to a continued decline in production. Although some geothermal exploration and field investigation had been exercised, the production potential of the reservoir is still not well understood. In this paper, numerical modeling approaches for characterization of the geothermal reservoir, investigation of reservoir production performance, and evaluation of exploitation scheme design are presented. At first, a site-scale refined grid numerical model was developed for simulating the natural state of Chingshui geothermal reservoir. Through the model, the production potential of the geothermal reservoir was estimated and the availability of water resources was assessed. We further built production model to simulate the production history during 1981–1993. From the production model, we can conclude that the abnormal drop of the reservoir production capacity is mainly caused by carbonate scaling. Potential production schemes with different reinjection designs were evaluated through the model. Simulation results indicated that a sustainable hot water production capacity of Chingshui geothermal reservoir is about 200 t/h without reinjection, and 300 t/h or even higher with reinjection which is enough for a 3 MWe power plant. The simulation results indicate that reinjection provides an effective approach for maintaining reservoir pressure during hot water/steam production.


  • Chingshui;
  • Geothermal reservoir;
  • Natural state;
  • Production potential;
  • Numerical modeling

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