Energy consumption minimization in an innovative hybrid power production station by employing PV and evacuated tube collector solar thermal systems


Employing evacuated tube solar system in a hybrid power plant is proposed.

Thorough energy-economic analysis on the proposed configuration is accomplished.

All of the components in the proposed system are properly sized and designed.

The proposed configuration is economically compared to other similar power plants.

The proponed system outperforms all other candidates with an IRR of 11.1%.


Combination of a grid connected photovoltaic (PV) plant with a compressed air energy storage system (CAES) and a city gate station (CGS) has been proposed and investigated recently, leading to satisfactory performance results. The only deficiency of this system is the huge amount of fuel required to provide its heating demand. In this work, feasibility of employing evacuated tube solar thermal systems to supply the heating demand of the hybrid power plant is studied. After presenting detailed mathematical modeling, the solar heating units and other components of the power plant are properly sized. The results of simulations demonstrate that a total of 7000 evacuated tube collectors are required in the system, leading to elimination of the air heater from the CAES system completely and 17.2% fuel saving at the CGS. The total annual solar heat of 17.5 GWh is supplied for the system, 214 GWh power could directly be sold to the grid, 9.7 GWh power slumps is recovered and 53.5 GWh power is produced at nights. In the end, internal rate of return (IRR) method is used to compare economically the proposed system with similar systems proposed previously, outperforming all of the other candidates with an IRR of 11.1%.


  • Evacuated tube solar collector;
  • Stratified storage tank;
  • PV plant;
  • CAES;
  • CGS

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