Drying of sweet basil with solar air collectors


A mathematical modelling was developed for sweet basil.

Utilizing the experiment results, different experimental correlations were obtained.

Sweet basil was dried using newly developed solar air collectors.

Drying parameters were investigated empirically and theoretically.


In this study, sweet basil was dried and its drying parameters were investigated experimentally and theoretically by using newly developed solar air collectors. Proper temperatures were chosen to dry sweet basil and experiments were carried out at different flow rates. At the end of drying experiments, it was determined that total mass of sweet basil decreased from 0.250 kg to 0.029 kg. In drying sweet basil, dimensionless moisture ratios were decreased rapidly to 300 min for 0.012 kg/s, 360 min for 0.026 kg/s, and 450 min for 0.033 kg/s. It was observed that the efficiency of collector was increased at the same rate with air flow changed between 29 and 63%. Among the models in the literature, Page Model was found to suit best for drying sweet basil. Furthermore, a novel mathematical model rendering more valid results for sweet basil and leafy products was developed.

Graphical abstract


  • Sweet basil;
  • Solar drying;
  • Mathematical modelling

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