Partnership looks to bring geothermal energy to the Netherlands

The partnership combines Climeon’s revolutionary heat power solution Climeon Ocean™ with IF Technology’s 25 years of experience in designing geothermal systems. 

Climeon’s Ocean™ is a vacuum enabled Heat Power solution that generates electricity from hot water far more efficiently than any other solutions in the market. As a consequence, Climeon Ocean™ can operate in ultra-low temperature ranges (70-120°C), making geothermal electricity production in the Netherlands economically feasible.

 “Climeon’s revolutionary and award winning Climeon Ocean solution makes electricity production possible and opens up new opportunities for generating clean power in the Netherlands” says IF Technology’s director Martijn van Aarssen.

 “With more than 25 years of experience working with geothermal projects, IF Technology is our perfect partner” says Climeon CEO Thomas Öström. “In addition to this, the Netherlands with its strong governmental backing for clean energy projects, is perfect for expanding our market.”

The partnership, which was formalized January 2016, is off to a positive start according to the companies. They are already working with several customers to integrate this solution in their geothermal projects. First projects are expected to be announced during 2016.

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