Gas turbine steam injection and combined power cycles using fog inlet cooling and biomass fuel: A thermodynamic assessment


Two cycles with biomass fuels are proposed for utilization of the waste heat.

Fog cooling’s effect on these plants is analyzed.

Cycles’ thermodynamic performance are compared in their optimum points.


The results of energy and exergy analyses of two biomass integrated steam injection cycles and combined power cycles are reported. Fog cooling, steam injection and adding steam turbine cycles to gas turbine cycles can enhance the performance of power generation systems. Even with its lower heat value, biomass can be substituted for fossil fuels. The performances of the cycles are assessed under the same conditions. The assessments show that the combined cycle has a higher efficiency at lower values of compressor pressure ratio but the steam injection plant is advantageous at higher pressure ratio values. The steam injection plant has a higher net power under the same conditions, while the exergy loss rate is higher for the combined cycle at all pressure ratios. But the exergy destruction rate is higher for the steam injection cycle at lower compressor pressure ratios, and for the combined cycle at higher pressure ratios.


  • Energy;
  • Exergy;
  • Steam injection;
  • Combined cycle;
  • Fog cooler;
  • Biomass

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