Sharp introduces new polycrystalline modules

The new modules, ND-RC250 (250W), ND-RC255 (255W) and ND-RC260 (260W). are intended to offer customers maximum energy efficiency at an affordable price and greater independence from the grid.

The polycrystalline cells are manufactured from multiple crystalline cells and can therefore be produced with lower costs. As a result Sharp is able to pass these savings on to residential and industrial end users and offer new products for the volume market. The product range reaches a module efficiency of up to 15.8% meaning that end users can generate an increased energy supply independently.

The company has designed the new modules with anti-reflex coating to increase light absorption, and Sharp claims that up to 5% greater output can be achieved. Additionally, power losses at higher temperatures are reduced thanks to an improved temperature coefficient.

Peter Thiele, President of Sharp Energy Solutions, Europe, said “The recent Paris Agreement made clear that the climate and hence renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly important. With our portfolio of high quality solar modules, battery storage and energy management, we have the right tools to offer residential and industrial customers emission-free energy production and greater independence from the grid.”

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