A new solar based multigeneration system with hot and cold thermal storages and hydrogen production


New integrated multi-generation system using solar energy and thermal storage is proposed.

Energy and exergy analyses are used in the assessment.

Energy and exergy efficiencies of the multi-generation system and its subsystems.

Parametric study is carried out.


A multigeneration system based on solar thermal energy associated with hot and cold thermal storage is designed and analyzed energetically and exergetically. The system produces electricity, a heating effect, a cooling effect, hydrogen, and dry sawdust biomass as outputs by means of organic Rankine cycles, a heat pump, two absorption chillers, an electrolyser, and a belt dryer. The intermittent behavior of the renewable energy source is addressed through the incorporation of hot and cold thermal storage systems to operate an organic Rankine cycle and provide cooling at night. The performance assessment indicates that the overall (day and night) energy and exergy efficiencies are 20.7% and 13.7%, respectively. The majority of the total exergy destruction is attributable to the sawdust belt dryer, at about 64.0%.


  • Solar;
  • Energy storage;
  • Hydrogen;
  • Exergy;
  • Energy;
  • Efficiency

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