Performance tests of a double-passive μDMFC stack with parallel/dendrite flow field


Effect of different flow fields on the performance of a μDMFC stack was examined.

Optimum flow field of a dendrite type of 80° has a power density of 16.9 mA/cm2.

Gravimetric/volumetric power densities of 7.4 W/kg and 37.2 W/L were obtained.


We report an experimental study on the effect of different flow fields on the cell performance of a double-passive (both anode/cathode) μDMFC stack. Cell performance measurements were made and analyzed for seven different flow field combinations at the anode/cathode of a passive micro direct methanol fuel cell (μDMFC) stack. An optimum flow field combination, after taking a series of tests under different operating conditions, was obtained. The results show that the conventional parallel type flow field used at the anode with an innovative/new dendrite perforated type of 80° flow field can provide the best power density for both single cell and 8-cell stack which have a power density of 16.9 mA/cm2 at 50 °C and 1 M methanol solution. Moreover, for an 8-cell stack, both the gravimetric and volumetric power densities can be up to 7.4 W/kg and 37.2 W/L, respectively.

Graphical abstract

The present cell stack flow field configurations with respective maximum power density for each anode/cathode flow field combination.


  • Dendrite flow field;
  • μDMFC stack;
  • Double-passive

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