Economic assessment of small-scale kite wind generators


The concept of Kite Wind Generator (KWG) is considered.

KWG specific ex-works cost increases with the kite area.

KWG power generation cost per kW increases with the rated power.

KWGs are effective in remote stand-alone applications.


The concept of extracting wind energy from high altitudes by means of pumping Kite Wind Generator (KWG) is considered. Basic formulas for evaluating the power output of the small-scale KWG and its optimal parameters are presented. Comparison of the KWG wind energy converter efficiency with the efficiency of conventional small-scale wind turbines is given. The ultimate conclusions are: 1) Specific ex-works cost of small-scale KWG increases with the kite area, and 2) Cost per installed capacity per kW increases with the rated power of the KWG. It is shown that kite wind generators are effective for stand-alone applications in remote or detached territories which have no access to electricity grid. In particular, the economic justification of the concept of using the KWG for water pumping is discussed.


  • Wind energy;
  • Kite generator;
  • Airborne wind energy;
  • Economic assessment

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