Analysis of the process of design of a geothermal installation


We study the temperatures inside a drilling.

We deduce the thermal conductivity from each value of temperature.

The method allows knowing the thermal conductivity of a ground from its temperature.

This new method is simple and cheaper than the existing ones.


The present study shows a new way to calculate a geothermal installation. The process consists in measuring the temperatures inside a perforation. Once we have this parameter, we’ll be able to determine the total depth of the perforations in a geothermal installation.

With this method, it’ll be possible to dispense with other studies which are being used at the moment in this kind of installations. This fact will mean important economic savings and easier works.

Based on the “Principles of Thermodynamics and Fourier Law”, and using the temperature values and other initial data, it was possible to determine the total perforation depth. During this process the software “Earth Energy Designer” was also used.


  • Geothermal;
  • Perforation;
  • Fourier law;
  • Principles of thermodynamics;
  • Earth energy designer

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