Productivity enhancements of compound parabolic concentrator tubular solar stills


A novel investigation approach on technology integration (CPC, PSS and SSSS) was focused for process efficiency augmentation.

The overall efficiency and yield of fresh water is higher

Compound parabolic concentrator assisted with the pyramid still had achieved the lowest cost per water delivered.


The performance of compound parabolic concentrator assisted tubular solar still (CPC-TSS) and compound parabolic concentrator-concentric tubular solar still (CPC-CTSS) (to allow cooling water) with different augmentation systems were studied. A rectangular saline water trough of dimension 2 m × 0.03 m × 0.025 m was designed and fabricated. The effective collector area of the still is 2 m × 1 m with five sets of tubular still – CPC collectors placed horizontally with north-south orientation. Hot water taken from the CPC-CTSS was integrated to a pyramid type and single slope solar still. Diurnal variations of water temperature, air temperature, cover temperature and distillate yield were recorded. The results showed that, the productivity of the un-augmented CPC-TSS and CPC-CTSS were 3710 ml/day and 4960 ml/day, respectively. With the heat extraction technique, the productivity of CPC-CTSS with a single slope solar still and CPC-CTSS with a pyramid solar still were found as 6460 ml/day and 7770 ml/day, respectively. The process integration with different systems cost was found slightly higher but the overall efficiency and the produced distilled water yield was found augmented.


  • Compound parabolic concentrator;
  • Single slope solar still;
  • Pyramid solar still;
  • Cooling water

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