E.ON to strengthen its activities for large-scale solar parks in the U.S.

E.ON announced the start of a further large-scale solar project in the U.S. Maricopa West, a 20 megawatt solar project in Kern County, California, has entered the construction phase. The solar park will consist of 89,000 photovoltaic panels and be fully operational later this year.

Maricopa West is the second project built by E.ON in California after successfully accomplishing previous solar projects in Arizona. In August E.ON completed Alamo Solar Park in San Bernardino County. The 20 megawatt photovoltaic solar facility is located near the town of Oro Grande.

E.ON also announced the sale of Alamo Solar Park to Dominion, one of the largest U.S. producers and transporters of energy, based in Richmond, Virginia. Alamo is the first U.S. solar project to be sold by E.ON.

E.ON is expanding its development pipeline across the U.S. A flexible business model based on global experience enables E.ON to deliver high-value renewable energy projects, regardless of whether E.ON or another entity is the owner or operator.

Moreover, E.ON is expanding its Solar activities in Germany. In May, E.ON completed solar parks in Neverin near Neubrandenburg with a peak capacity of 2.1 megawatt. Further parks across Germany have been planned or already completed. In addition E.ON has been successfully bidding in tenders issued by the Federal Network Agency for ground-mounted photovoltaic systems.

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